F@€# The Police! 

If you click the link below, it will take you a story and video about a teacher, Page May, speaking in support of Black Lives Matter in Chicago. She ends her appalling speech with the all too familiar phrase, “Fuck the Police!! And er’rybody fuck with ’em!” After watching the video I felt sick to my stomach. Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave right now, I am certain of it. This isn’t what he wanted. Black Lives Matter is a hate group. They are no better than the KKK,which equally disgusts me. They agitate and incite violence, especially against police. What astounded me most is that this woman is a teacher. She’s promoting violence against police and what exactly is she teaching our children? She’s part of the problem with the world today. A huge part of it. Black lives do matter. So do white lives. So do police lives. So do ALL LIVES. Nobody, with a brain, thinks that black lives do not matter. However, this group…this anti-cop, anti-white, anti-American group doesn’t care about black lives. If they did, they would be focusing on the nation wide epidemic of black on black crime and murders. They would care about the murdered black police officers, murdered for simply doing their job. They don’t care about those black lives, only the ones the police take (usually with just cause and good reason).  All they amount to is a bunch of bigots who want to riot, violate, and garner attention. Get a job. Get a life. Focus on the real problems. Make a real difference. The police aren’t the problem. Anyone with half a brain can look at the statistics and realize that the real problem for black people is black people. It is a sad world we live in when criminals like Michael Brown are hailed as heroes and heroes like Officer Wilson are hailed as murderers. The double standard they want us to adhere to is dumbfounding. As for Ms. Page May, I hope that she is fired from her job for her little speech. Feel free to check it out below and let me know what your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to read mine. 


-CL the sugar free truth


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